YouNique Training Services

Training is about learning new skills or enhancing existing skills,  whether they be soft or hard skills. Sophie likens it to bringing you a 'tool kit' and showing you how best to use the tools to elicit the best performance possible.

Some areas that Sophie offers training in:

- Behavioural Descriptive Interviewing, Values based interviewing for corporates, SMEs and recruitment companies

- Best Practice Recruitment: temporary, contract or permanent

- Temp desk training i.e. how to set up a temp desk from scratch or how to tweak your current processes to ensure maximum profitability (Sophie has written a book about this: "Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk", which you can purchase on the 'Book' page.

- Business Development and Account Management 

- Leaderships skills; how to motivate and develop your team

- Creating and delivering a speech, presentation, tender

Training is delivered via seminars, workshops, 1:1s or small groups.

Sophie believes that ROI on training is greatly enhanced by combining it with coaching. E.g. Sophie may start with a workshop delivery for a team of people. 

Coaching can then be used as a follow up to keep the team accountable and also to pick up any difficulties experienced with putting the training into practice whether it's due to self limiting beliefs of the team members or they need additional support in other ways. 

We know that training alone is most effective when put into practice within 7 days of receiving it. When combined with coaching, it allows the individual to revise the training material as they are practising the skills they learnt.

To have an informal chat to Sophie re: training programs phone +61 448 173 307 or e: